Transforming Compliance and Human Risk Management
Are you running a risky business? The dangers of ineffective risk assessments The COMPLiHR Solution
Do you have fragmented systems? Don't confuse things with separate GRC/EHS/ERM Platforms Request a demo of the COMPLiHR and integrum Solution
Are multiple spreadsheet processes a problem? Simplify it with our world class Business intelligence solution Request a Demo
Are your employees and contractors fully inducted? Can you prove it? Get the best Compliance Learning Solutions See the Salt Solution
COMPLiHR Pty Ltd offers GRC advisory services, award-winning compliance training and world class GRC/EHS/ERM cloud-based technology.

COMPLiHR is an Authorised Partner of integrum and GRC Solutions in a variety of industry sectors including Financial Services, Education, Retail, Entertainment, Manufacturing, and Public Sector. Our customers benefit from many years experience within these industry sectors. The business partners benefit from an end to end outsourced professional sales service which is rewarded only with results. COMPLiHR is a highly motivated team that develops new business and ensures clients stay customers for the long term.

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