Transforming Compliance and Human Risk Management


Salt Web is our turn key a compliance training delivery platform for small, medium and large organisations. It allows you to deliver, manage and report on essential compliance training.


Salt Compliance revolutionises the way staff learn about compliance. Instead of trawling through text-heavy manuals or battling to stay alert in mid-afternoon lectures, your staff will study online in an interactive, user-friendly environment, at their own desk and at their own pace.

Cost Effective

Train all staff online in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Salt Compliance is particularly cost-effective for larger companies or those with staff spread across multiple locations. Salt Compliance is currently deployed across hundreds of organisations in different industry sectors.

Anywhere, Any Time

Now staff can access their online compliance training course from anywhere at any time. This means higher participation rates and higher compliance levels within your organisation.


Salt Compliance offers a broad range of legal compliance, risk management and ethics training courses that can be delivered to your staff as is or it can be tailored to suit your company’s branding, policies and procedures. Our compliance essentials pack has scenarios and examples which have already been tailored to the corporate and the non-government sectors.

Job-Role Specific

Tailor access to modules depending on your staff’s job role. This feature allows you to ensure the right staff are given the right level of training and helps you target the training to your company’s areas of need.

Real-Time Updates

Salt Compliance is regularly updated to reflect any legislative changes to training materials. Now you no longer need to worry about being on top of these changes. We complete all legal and editorial updates behind the scenes without you having to re-upload the modules. Forget the days of re-sitting lengthy training sessions to cover legislative updates outside of work hours.


Staff members will receive reminders to complete their online compliance training course within the given time-frame specified by management.

Comprehensive Reports

Manage and monitor your organisation’s legal compliance activities with just a few clicks. The Salt Compliance system provides comprehensive reports ranging from individual reports to board-level summaries. Administrators can schedule report updates reflecting staff course participation and completion. You will now also be able to demonstrate evidence of compliance within your organisation.

Policy Management

Use the Policy Builder feature to upload your own organisation’s policies directly onto the system. Now you can electronically track if these documents have been read, accepted or acknowledge by your staff.

CPD Points

Salt Compliance allows you to allocate CPD (continuous professional development) points to completed compliance training courses. CPD points gained from internal or external training can also be tracked and assigned.

AS3806 Compliance Standard

Many of the features that make Salt Compliance an easy and effective learning tool are designed to satisfy standards set down by the courts, regulators, and The Australian Standard on Compliance Programs AS3806.

COMPLiHR for Schools

COMPLiHR has engaged a number of school and college Business Managers to assist in tailoring the quality Salt compliance courseware and creating scenarios to ensure the content delivered will be relevant to the school and college community. This targeted research has resulted in the development of the Compliance Essentials Pack.

Compliance Essentials Pack
Staff (10 modules)
Managers (17 modules)

  • Child Protection
  • Privacy
  • Diversity and Equality
  • Workplace Health & Safety

COMPLiHR also offers a wide-range of other risk and compliance training courses that can be specifically tailored for non-government schools. Clients that purchase the essentials pack will have a site license enabling them to purchase other courses in a cost effective manner. Please click here for more detailed information on the Compliance Essentials Pack for schools.

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