Transforming Compliance and Human Risk Management


The Compliance Essentials Pack specifically caters to the Australian non-government education sector with brand and reputation protection through online learning and easy-to-use compliance management systems. We have engaged a number of different school and college Business Managers to assist in tailoring the quality Salt compliance courseware and creating scenarios to ensure the content delivered will be relevant to the school and college community.

The Compliance Essentials Pack

Child Protection

Child Protection training is essential for all staff members working in a school environment. Staff must have the relevant knowledge and training to ensure that meet their duty of care to students. While there are broad underlying principles for child protection, they are enforced by a range of state, federal and international laws.

This course aims to contribute to a safer school environment for every child. It gives an overview of current child protection regulations in Australia and identifies what legal obligations are involved. It comprehensively explains how to interact with children and young people, and how to report any suspected form of abuse.

Course Outline

Staff and Managers:
Module 1 – Introducing Child Protection
Module 2 – Rules of Conduct and Reporting
Module 3 – Child Abuse

Module 4 – Managing Child Protection Measures


Complying with privacy laws, regulations, codes and organisational standards is imperative in the education sector. This course helps school staff understand their obligations under the Federal Privacy Act, and how these laws apply to school environments. The Privacy Act does not differentiate between adults and children. All members of school communities have rights under the Act.

The course guides you through the legislative requirements surrounding student records, consent, openness and data flows. Staff will learn what they should do when collecting, using and disclosing personal information. All training scenarios have been carefully crafted to illustrate major privacy issues that can arise in schools, making the learning material both engaging and relevant for staff.

Course Outline

Staff and Managers:
Module 1 – Introducing Privacy
Module 2 – Managing and Collection

Module 3 – Use and Disclosure
Module 4 – Storage, Access and Correction

Workplace Health and Safety

Australia’s work health and safety laws have come a long way since commencing in 2012. Based on Victorian legislation, they have since been adopted by most states and territories. Western Australia has committed to applying the essential features of the harmonised laws to their own regime. This makes compliance training in these laws critical to understanding our work health and safety obligations nationwide.

Our Work Health and Safety (WHS) course has been tailored to the education sector. It addresses the essential elements of the harmonised laws that all states and territories have in common, while also explaining where the Victorian and Western Australian laws differ. The course covers critical knowledge and duties your schooling staff need to know about the law – from a legal as well as from a practical perspective. It also places these duties and obligations in context by outlining who enforces the laws, and how.

Every staff member has a duty of providing reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others within your school. They can also play a role in identifying, reducing or removing work health and safety risks. This course ensures that everyone can train in their relevant legal obligations wherever they are in the country.

Course Outline

Module 1 – Introduction to Work Health and Safety

Staff and Managers:
Module 2 – Workers’ Rights and Obligations
Module 3 – Duties of PCBUs

Module 4 – Compliance and Enforcement Measures
Module 5 – Duties of Officers
Module 6 – Other Parties

Diversity and Equality

This course covers workplace behaviour rules of conduct for the education sector. What is bullying and what should you do if you see it occur in the workplace? Where does flirting stop and harassment begin? Every staff member of your school needs to be aware of these types of issues because the consequences of unacceptable behaviour, left unmanaged, can be severe.

Bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment can cause major harm to the wellbeing of individuals. They can also incur heavy costs for organisations, including reputational damage, compensation orders and the costs of replacing staff who can no longer work in hostile environments.

This course explores the issues within the framework of Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws and anti-discrimination laws, as well as strategies and avenues of support available to those who experience bullying, discrimination or harassment within the workplace.

Specific modules address the key concepts from the perspective of managers and staff members within a schooling environment. It also outlines the appropriate steps for dealing with complaints.

Course Outline

Staff and Managers:
Module 1 – Workplace Bullying
Module 2 – Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Module 3 – Advanced Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
Module 4 – Advanced Dealing with Incidents and Complaints
Module 5 – Ethical Use of Resources

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